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La Kolmena

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La Kolmena

The inspiration for the album is that maturity between thoughts that made us grow in Colombian Hip-Hop during last years, to be presented itself through the whole tracklist length in this work entitled “La Kolmena”.

If you are a fan of legendary “Hiphop cats” such as Immortal Technique, Nach, R.A Rugged man, La Etnnia, KRS-One, Mos def, Al2, V.V and others like them, this album is a must have for your collection.

Nowadays Hip-Hop means a lot of different things for different people.
This album represents one of the best Colombian rap works that I've found after so long. no bullshit rhymes, not a weak sound, no fake mc's, all up in "La Kolmena" is about Hip-Hop and dopest rap skills from the local underground scene.K.D.

5 out of 5

I support the MDA's music because it uplifts my mind through its sound.
I love the "underground vibe" around it.S.G.

5 out of 5

Deep Graves Compilation Vol.2

About MDA Rekords

This is our brand new album called #DGCvol2, you can get it at www.mdarekords/dgcvol2physical

Keep enjoying the Colombian rap music  and once again “Thank You”.

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